Radio Daze: A Descent Into Collecting

Radio Daze A Descent Into Collecting

When acclaimed comic writer Aaron Zevy began to collect vintage radios, his friends and family hoped they might get a respite from the barrage of short stories which had been filling their inboxes.

After all, how much trouble can one man, no matter how unusual and prone to social and dating mishaps he might be, get into while engaged in a sedate hobby ordinarily associated with reticence and retirement?

In Radio Daze, Zevy, often joined with his usual associates - the Ketel and cran drinking Lewberg and the misanthropic Goldfarb - weaves tales and vignettes of his time obsessively collecting antique radios.

From oldest to newest, each chapter is named after a radio. But after the Table of Contents, all semblence of order and organization, quickly disappear.

These radios, in a multitude of beautiful designs and colors, are indeed very real. The stories however, are pure Zevy - almost the truth.

Don't try to figure it out. Just sit back and enjoy.