I don’t have a good back story.

I had never seen any of these radios before. They are not a reminder of a gentler, simpler time. I just think they are beautiful. The colors and the designs. I collect them and display them proudly. Many of my friends have been kind enough to display them in their own homes.

I don’t know how to restore them, to fix them, and barely figured out how to turn them on. But the majority work. Most just AM. Some have FM and some have been retrofitted with bluetooth. As you might have guessed, I enjoy jazz and blues. Music of the time. But Springsteen and Dylan have also howled through those ancient speakers.

I have never been to a flea market or a garage sale. I am however, moved that each, some more than 70 years old, have their own story. The 1955 Firestone came with a piece of masking tape with an inscription that it was a graduation present to Colleen from Mom and Dad.

1955 Firestone Radio gifted to Colleen by her parents

I think that is pretty cool.

It might be a stretch to say I am a collector.

These are just some radios that have entered my life and brought me immense joy.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.