• 1938 Emerson Bullseye


    Today’s story from Radio Daze is the 1938 Emerson AX212. Known as the Bullseye by collectors, it features an Ingraham cabinet and Sakhnoffsky design. Read More

  • Going for the Record!!

    It’s official! Im going for the Guinness Book of World Records!! Stay tuned for more info Read More

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Why Do I Collect Radios?

Until my 62nd year, I had never seen any of these radios before. My father did have a 1953 Grundig shortwave radio which was a part of my childhood but I had, truth be told, forgotten all about it. I collect them not because they remind me of a better time, or an innocent childhood, but because I think they are beautiful. I love the designs and the colors and the fact they have survived all of these years.

Although most work, a crackling of AM radio, mostly talkshows, which I would not listen to at the best of times, I have them only to display and admire. Some are equiped with bluetooth and there is something very soothing, ok maybe even a little nostalgic, about listening to jazz and blues emanate from those 75 year speakers.

This website is so I can share my collection but mostly because I will soon run out of shelves. It is too late to save myself from being thought of as one of those slightly wacky radio guys but perhaps I can mitigate the damage.

Thanks to my friend Brian for letting me steal his new hobby. I just couldn't help myself.

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